Avoid these mistakes while doing Search Engine Optimization

SEO is trending nowadays. As it helps the most of the customers to view information on product and services through a website from the comfort of their homes. You just need to click and the product will be delivered to your shortly. People start their purchasing right by jumping onto the search engines, this may increase competition among marketers. Hence, being in the industry you need to take care of certain important factors.

If you want to run a successful company in India, it is important not only to create a website but, make it visible to the very first page of Google search engine with help of a good SEO Company.

Hence, it is the high time you need to roll up your sleeves and pay attention to read this article. Here you will get to know some of the common mistakes you should avoid while doing SEO for your business organization.

  • Rely on Ranking alone
  • Duplicate Content
  • Ignore Google Analytics
  • Spamming
  • No Mobile Optimization
  • Proper keyword research
  • Poor Site loading speed

1 – Rely on ranking Alone:

The aspects that determine your site ranking may change at any moment in the search engine. Concentrating hard on your ranking can sometime leads to a bad case of channel vision. Instead of working on the base you will lose to serious tactics which no longer work or you have no idea why.

2 – Duplicate Content:

With the presence of multiple sets of same content, you are lucky to get ranked on one of them. Not all will rank for the same content in the search engines. Furthermore, if the content exists anywhere else before you took it up, then there are chances you will not get ranking at all. You are more likely to get penalized, so always try to write fresh points and topics so that can help your content to rank in any of the search engines.

3 – Ignore Google Analytics:

Google analytics is the best partner at SEO. Without it you are missing out an exceptionally valuable resource for optimizing your website design. The regular insights can give you what exactly is working for you and what is not.

4 – Spamming:

Google does not like spammers and it have a particular set of skills that helps to find out who are spamming. These skills make it a nightmare for spammers. If you don’t spam, then you have a chance to rank on search engine. In most cases, Google warns those who are trying to spam and later penalize them.

5 – No Mobile Optimization:

These days, mobile users are making up a majority of traffic from search engine. Hence, mobile optimization is a must and is the course of action to make your site more functional for mobile users across the globe. It means, making your website content simple to read in mobile without zooming or scrolling. It also ensure the compatibility of images, videos, buttons and forms are easy to communicate.

6 – Proper keyword Research:

Keyword Research is one of the most important aspects for your business growth. It help your search engine to display your website to the visitors who are looking for the exact match or its relevance. One most categorize all the keywords the visitors are looking for and optimize those keywords for better results. It is vital to do so, to attract more organic search traffic to your website pages.

7 – Poor Site Loading Speed:

Your website needs to be optimized for potentially fastest loading speed. Some of the ways to do so: use mentioned image dimensions, limit the number of Gif’s, videos and try to optimize html and other related files. The simple explanation with optimized images can help your website to load faster.

Put all the necessary steps from hiring an expert or optimizing yourself to get the win-win situation for your business.

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