About Us

Manal Pro Tech is a trusted Tally Solutions Partner in India. We are a world-renowned enterprise consulting and implementation service company. We assist clients in expanding their business processes by accelerating communication and information systems. We can increase their productivity and also expand the impact on customers and suppliers.

Manal Pro Tech has rich experience in the implementation of enterprise business solutions and can provide complete Tally solutions, including consulting, design, development, implementation and training. Through in-depth understanding of business processes, we increase the value of customer productivity.

We follow a well-defined approach to enable customers to take Tally’s advantages in the most cost-effective way. The secret of Manal Pro Tech’s success lies in its flexibility, responsiveness to customers, encouragement and rewards to employees.

Our expertise can provide solutions for customers in various fields, such as manufacturing, chemicals industries, packaging, pharmaceuticals, trading businesses and government agencies.

Our Goal:

We believe that “money” is the key to promote economic growth. Therefore, in order to achieve our goal, we simplify the trade of people and make it easier to conduct transactions. This will ensure more value, more demand, more cost and more revenue.

Our Purpose:

“We hope everyone is happy who touches Tallyā€¯. As we continue to work hard to make “everyone happier”, it brings a new dimension to our thinking. Our goal is still the most indispensable part of our actions, which can help us continue to add value to people’s lives.

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