Release Notes – TallyPrime Release 1.1

TallyPrime brings in the flexibility of simple-to-use e-Invoicing and e-Payments features, to cater to your increasing business needs.


TallyPrime supports truly connected e-Invoice experience for all taxable sales by GST Regular Dealers. The feature is:

  • Simple to setup, with an option to enable e-invoice from a specific date.
  • Flexible to generate e-Invoices real time or as bulk at regular intervals or at the end of the day along with e-Way Bill, if needed.
  • Capable of updating IRN information in the invoice with a single-step online process.
  • Able to print IRN and QR code on the invoice, and moving from the current invoice printing to e-invoice printing is effortless.
  • Equipped to handle e-invoice in offline mode, if a need arises.

There are reports that allow you to take care of e-invoice related pending activities, and keep track of the e-Invoice statuses.
You can also cancel e-Invoices, if you want to.


e-Payments in TallyPrime has been enhanced to manage the offline payment instructions in a simplified manner.

  • If you are using bulk e-Payment for the first time, contact your bank relationship manager to activate bulk upload facility for your account.
  • After the bulk upload facility is activated, you can enable e-Payments in TallyPrime by selecting the respective bank name in the bank ledger.

You can export completed e-payments transactions from the voucher level or from the e-Payments report.

TallyPrime provides e-payment support for the banks DBS Bank (India), Standard Chartered Bank (India), Standard Chartered Bank (UAE), Kotak Mahindra Bank (India), YES Bank (India), ICICI Bank (India), Tokyo & Mitsubishi (India), HDFC Bank (India), Bank of Baroda (India), and Citi Bank (India).

Product Improvements

  • A provision is made to print consignee contact number entered in Party Master created for the consignee.
  • The printed and other output formats for accounting invoice have serial numbers listed for duty ledgers also. The serial numbers should only be shown for service ledgers and other additional ledgers selecting in the invoice but not for the duty ledgers. This issue is resolved.
  • A provision is made to print the bank’s Swift Code under Company’s Bank Details in Sales Invoice and Quotation.
  • A provision is made to print company’s bank details in Debit / Credit Notes.
  • A provision is made to allow extraction of HSN code, Party GSTIN and Company GSTIN to MS Excel through ODBC.
  • A provision is made to extract bank details such as Favouring Name, Transaction Type, A/c No., IFSC and Bank from party master ledgers using ODBC.
  • The bank details in party ledgers were not sent to MS Excel when data was extracted using ODBC.
  • A provision is made to send alias names for ledgers and stock items when data is extracted using ODBC.
  • A provision is made to allow printing account holders name in sales invoice.
  • You can now specify Number of Copies and select Type of Copy while exporting vouchers.
  • The error message as “Error in TDL” part: EXPINV Top left, insufficient height to allocate! was appearing while exporting sales order to MS Excel. This was occurring when,
    • The option Provide separate buyer and consignee names was enabled in the Sales Order F12 Configuration.
    • The option Show contact details was enabled in the sales order printing configuration. This issue is resolved.

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