Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is the activity or procedure where an application is created for mobile devices.  These applications can be pre-installed on phones during production platforms or sent as web applications using server or client-side processing to provide an “application-like” experience within a Web browser.

Application developers ought to think about screen size, equipment capacities, and setups because of exceptional challenge in versatile programming and changes in every stage.

iPhone App Development

Manalpro Tech is an iPhone Application Development Company that offers a Smart and Dedicated Solution at an affordable price. Our team has the most brilliant, technically powerful and dedicated iPhone developers and engineers available.

Our iPhone application development team uses only the latest operating systems to develop apps that are extremely simple to use and deliver efficient quality. We have incredibly talented and creative mobile application developers who do their best to make any application idea effective and successful for small and medium-sized companies.

Android App Development

As India’s leading Android Application Development Company, we can develop a wide range of Android applications at an affordable price for small, medium-sized businesses. Our experts are happy to discuss the applicability of putting your ideas into work on Android. Our wide range of applications is an indication of our commitment to leadership and innovation in the development of Android apps.

Advantages of Android Platform:

  • Send or Receive Data Between GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Networks.
  • A comprehensive Library for 2D and 3D Graphics.
  • Wide Range of Library for storing Image, Audio and Video Files.

BlackBerry App Development

Our staff has skills in developing mobile business services. That’s why we can be the perfect choice for your BlackBerry App Development solutions. Our team usually focuses on technical quality that provides commercial benefits.

Our expertise allows us to develop a wide range of custom applications:

  • Rich Experience for Blackberry Custom Application Development
  • Dependable and Trusted Blackberry Application Testing and Migration
  • High Enriched Multimedia Blackberry Application Development
  • Best Solutions and Support for Blackberry Business, Entertainment, Marketing and Advertising
  • Real Time Wireless and Integrated Solutions
  • Special Technical Support

Windows App Development

Manalpro Tech can be an excellent choice for your Windows Application Development solutions. Our team usually focuses on the technical quality that benefits your business.

Why Windows?

Businesses are looking for a smart solution that targets all consumers through the introduction of more relevant, necessary and engaging Applications. Rapid Application development platform (RAD) facilitates faster, safer and more reliable Application development.

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